Mobile & Desktop Optimized Lead Generation Website Examples

Mobile optimized lead generation sites For Layers and Insurance Brokers. I recently finished up a group of mobile optimized websites that were created specifically to generate leads for insurance brokers, lawyers & attorneys no matter what device the user was viewing the site on. This means that if a browser is on their desktop or tablet they will see the normal, desktop optimized website.

Lead Generation Website for Insurance

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With over 50% of web traffic now coming from mobile devices and specifically mobile phones it is critical that your online lead generation efforts focus on serving the needs of mobile users.

If the user access the website with a mobile phone such as an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy device the user will see a customized mobile website. These mobile customized websites are designed with prominent Click-to-Call buttons and options throughout the website.

Features of the mobile only optimized Lead Gen website:

  • Device detection serves a completely customized theme for mobile phone browsers
  • Mobile theme is designed to prominently feature a Click-to-Call option.
  • All content is formatted to be easy to read and interact with on a mobile phone.
  • Due to the theme serving technology there is no duplicate content which can be bad for SEO.

Marketing features of the desktop optimized Lead generation site:

  • Highly prominent Call To Action above google optimized content
  • End of article Call to Action
  • SEO optimized content to serve users a highly relevant article

The magic of setting up the websites this way is that no matter what type of device the user is accessing the website with, the experience is optimized to maximize marketing effectiveness. This means you get more leads at a lower cost.

These Mobile Optimized lead generation websites are great for:

  • Layers & Attorneys
  • Car and Auto Insurance Brokers
  • Health Insurance
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Financial Advisors

Or any other type of business that needs to generate mobile leads for their business. Again these types of sites are especially effective if your potential customers and clients may be searching for your services or business when they are using a mobile phone.

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Mobile optimized lead gen sites and targeted landing pages are simply the best way to to maximize your lead generation activities. Giving a mobile user an easy way to contact your business via their mobile phone is an effective way to drive leads.

If you are interested in building a mobile & desktop optimized website for your business, contact me today for a free consultation.

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