Google Adwords, Bing & PPC Friendly Sales Website & Landing Page

Successful Example of Google and Bing PPC Sales Site. Below is a PPC sales landing page example that we are now running very successfully on both Google Adwords PPC and Bing PPC. This is a 100% safe and google friendly website because we have added all of the required items to make sure we are compliant with all Google and Bing guidelines, rules and requirements.

The whole point of creating a PPC website that Google likes is to increase the quality score which will decrease the cost per click of your traffic which I will discuss further in a few moments.

PPC Friendly Sales Page

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Marketing Features of a Successful Adwords PPC Sales Website

This Adwords friendly sales site includes a number of marketing features that have helped boost our PPC ROI to over 120%.

  • Professionally written direct response sales page
  • Fast page load time using lazy load images
  • Testimonials page with embedded Call’s To Action
  • ‘About Us’ page professionally written copy to drive sales

Soon we will be adding the following items to increase our ROI even further:

  • Free eBook download to collect email addresses
  • Upsell gauntlet that will increase the average order value

Boost Adwords Quality Score With These 5 Techniques

Part of creating a successful website on google PPC is making sure that it has a high quality score. On a past project I worked on an account that had a high dollar spend and therefore we had our own Google Rep, these tips came directly from that rep. Here are 5 tips to boost your quality score, which will thereby reduce your click costs.

  • Optimized Alt Image Tags TO include Your Keyword Terms
  • Add a blog with keyword rich content that
  • Ensure that you have correctly worded Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages (needs to include google remarketing language if your sites us it).
  • Include product page
  • Include a clear and easy to find refund policy

Google and Bing safe sales sites and targeted landing pages are simply the best way to to maximize your PPC ad spend and ROI. Giving the searcher a website that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations is a powerful and profitable marketing tool.

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