New Site: Beckwith Building

This full flash site was commissioned by an investor team in Los Gatos, California who were looking to showcase thier recently completed remodel of the historic Beckwith Building.

The building, which is located in Downtown Los Gatos features four favorite local eateries and 6 high-end studio apartments. The website is an important part of a overall marketing plan targeting potential renters of the residentail units.

New Site: New Career Expert

Reverb7 recently completed a new site for a local Internet Entrepreneur hoping to capitalize on the new market of people looking for a new career after being laid off. We set up the entire site, created the logo, and set up all the e-commerce functions and auto-responders so that the owner can successfully monetize the site.

New Site: Hill Homes

Reverb7 created this modern looking site for a home builder that operates both in California and Idaho. We worked closely to capture the builder’s vision and appeal to potential home buyers.

A rotating Flash banner was incorporated to signify the stages of family development and how a Hill Homes will grow with the owner.

New Site: Wall Street Prick

Reverb7 is proud to announce the launch of We know the name may sound off color but it means to “Prick” the bubble, semantics aside we really like the way the site turned out.

It features daily posts by the investing monster Big P. keeping readers updated as he trades the futures market of the S&P 500.

We were fully involved from the ground up, designing the logo, the website and setting up the E-mail marketing system.