Internet Marketing

Mobile & Desktop Optimized Lead Generation Website Examples

Mobile optimized lead generation sites For Layers and Insurance Brokers. I recently finished up a group of mobile optimized websites that were created specifically to generate leads for insurance brokers, lawyers & attorneys no matter what device the user was viewing the site on. This means that if a browser is on their desktop or tablet they will see the normal, desktop optimized website.

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Google Adwords, Bing & PPC Friendly Sales Website & Landing Page

Successful Example of Google and Bing PPC Sales Site. Below is a PPC sales landing page example that we are now running very successfully on both Google Adwords PPC and Bing PPC. This is a 100% safe and google friendly website because we have added all of the required items to make sure we are compliant with all Google and Bing guidelines, rules and requirements.

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Google Insight: Too Much Insight

Being one who follows Google search trends and volume can be really fun sometimes. You get an idea of what large thought movements are happening out there in the world.

Here is one that isn’t so fun, but it is very telling. One of the most interesting features of Google Insight is the ability to watch annual and monthly trends. In the employment and job world you see a dramatic increase in job search related keywords around the first two weeks of the year.

Here is a screen shot for the search term “new job”.


The next two rather sobering searches I checked are a sign of the times. Here is a screen shot for searches related to the term “out of work”.out

And finally the search term that really tells us what is happening with this job market, ‘unemployment’.