48.17% Opt-In Boost With “Pretty” Version

I never have time to write about optimization but it is by far one of my favorite topics and one of the quickest ways to boost your profits, literally overnight. With just a few simple tests you can send your conversion rates skyrocketing.

We ran a test recently where we pitted a new “pretty” version of an opt-in versus the old ugly brights red, “warning” style opt-in. Traffic was sent via JV emails.

We used Google Website Optimizer(GWO) tied into top level analytics data to ensure proper test results and data collection.


The Results

The results showed that, at least in this case, the audience preferred the “pretty” version. After just 3 short days and 3 rounds of A/B testing we say a 48.17% increase in the opt-in rate, jumping from 32.8% to 48.6%.

This meant an additional 13,458 opt-ins for the launch.