David Schmidt combs the globe to find extraordinary travel experiences to share with inspired people who believe there is a better way to live, to be, and to realize the magic of LIFE. Every journey he designs for Kaizen Traveler is an embarkation into a higher realm of splendid beauty present in our physical world as well as the divinely intuitive. His inextinguishable passion and profound appreciation for unique cultures manifested into fluency in 4 languages, conversational in several others and trips to over 70 countries where he often remained for several weeks to several months or even years at a time.

Each destination became a vibrant opportunity for him to drink from the honeypot of discovery, rich with new friends, exotic flavors, and lush scenery. Now David infuses the essence of these remarkable quests into Kaizen Traveler, where every journey is thoughtfully designed according to a living manifesto upon which each experience thrives with the Kaizen traditions of Growth, Connection, Contribution, Love, and Play.


Enhance Yourself Daily

Inspire yourself to experience the world, travel more, learn languages, stay fit, eat healthy, live abroad, be happy, and stay balanced. Live in another country – the best way to understand your own culture and language is to live and breathe another.

Develop your energetic awareness. More and more you will attract and manifest that upon which you mindfully focus. Consistently and wholeheartedly strive to better yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Be conscious-minded. Your control of consciousness determines the quality of your life.

Understand and exercise the basic human needs of love, connection, growth, contribution, and play. Travel intuitively through life always trusting that each milestone is an essential part of the journey. Know and understand the infinite powers of your sub-conscious mind.

Enhance your talent for genuinely making people feel special and important to heighten their state of mind and inspire them to align with their own incredible magnificence. Become your own change agent and create the spark of transformation that you desire.


Be One With All That Abounds

Look intuitively within for truth, direction, and enlightenment. Meditate. Live for FLOW and aim for constant, co-creative, aligned connection with YOUR divinity and all living entities. Live life to YOUR fullest. Deepen your appreciation of natural beauty as well as the allure of style and design.

Think your body, dance your mind. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude of gratitude and set your intentions for greatness. Be cognizant of your senses. Search out multi-sensory experiences – the more senses involved, the stronger the neuro-connection to memory.

Appreciate every magical breath as the gift that it is and understand its connective power. Dream of a limitless existence and idealize a worldly paradise without fear, guilt, anxiety, anger, shame or blame. Find balance in everything and thrive to see harmony everywhere.


Better Your Planet With Every Journey

Create an awareness of family, love, and freedom to define how you can purposefully contribute through your actions, thoughts, and expression. Practice the Golden Rule by walking the extra mile to help others. Enjoy random acts of kindness. Find an elevated dimension of value in consciousness, integrity, alignment, flow, education, and self-empowerment.

Share your gifts and knowledge with others. Seek those most in need of help with an open heart and compassionate spirit. Pay it forward as you give back to the world. Embrace “Voluntourism” (volunteer tourism). Raise the vibration of the planet one loving smile at a time.


To Thine Own Self Be True

Love yourself immensely while keeping your ego in check. Your body is the temple that houses your divine spirit, treat it with great love and respect and nourish it with high vibrational super foods and great quality nutrients. Hug everyone – children, teens, adults, and elders alike. Find the magic of your own special gifts.

Emanate with love every chance you get and exude it wholeheartedly. Fall into a deep passion for travel, cultures, and languages. Pamper yourself with as many wellness activities as possible (massage, spa, swimming, surfing, functional interval training, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, pilates, meditation, chiropractics, acupuncture, painting, writing, singing, dancing, or whatever makes you most well).

Immerse into nature daily and ground yourself with the elements. Review your daily intentions/affirmations first thing in the morning and before falling asleep. Live in the now in an inspired way. Always place the oxygen mask on yourself before beginning to help others. Welcome arising opportunities with an open heart and brilliant spirit.


The World Is Our Playground

Enjoy frequent attacks of smiling. Be in touch with your inner child. Spend time with children — learn and remember by observing these great teachers. Constantly flirt light-heartedly with life. Try not to take yourself or life too seriously – none of us make it out alive.

Keep a curious and open childlike mind. Swim often in the purest of waters – water is life. Detox from technology daily. Remove “should have, could have, and would have” from your vocabulary and move forward.

Don’t be afraid to question or search for shortcuts around “Brules” (bull shit rules). Never second-guess yourself. Start to believe the word ‘no’ does not really exist. Take calculated risks. Be spontaneous. Carpe Diem all the way…