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David Schmidt combs the globe to find extraordinary travel experiences to share with inspired people who believe there is a better way to live, to be, and to realize the magic of LIFE. Every journey he designs for Kaizen Traveler is an embarkation into a higher realm of splendid beauty present in our physical world as well as the divinely intuitive.

His inextinguishable passion and profound appreciation for unique cultures manifested into fluency in 4 languages, conversational in several others and trips to over 70 countries where he often remained for several weeks to several months or even years at a time.

Each destination became a vibrant opportunity for him to drink from the honeypot of discovery, rich with new friends, exotic flavors, and lush scenery. Now David infuses the essence of these remarkable quests into Kaizen Traveler, where every journey is thoughtfully designed according to a living manifesto upon which each experience thrives with the Kaizen traditions of Growth, Connection, Contribution, Love, and Play.